Tools and Testing Equipment

The Leon Paul fencing tools and testers section includes all the tools and testers that you may need for fencing armoury, screwdrivers, blade wire glue, cloth tape, tip tape, spanners, feeler gauges, and test boxes etc.

Referee Kit Holder
Price: $19.38
Referee Cards
Price: $7.14
The 'Pebble' Test Box
Price: $37.74
Leather Tool Case
Price: $32.61
Magne-Tin III
Price: $6.52
Epee Blade Rewire Jig
Price: $3.83
Blade Cleaning Block
Price: $16.43
Feeler Gauge
Price: $21.26
Instant Blademate Glue
Price: $10.25
Point Screwdriver
Price: $7.32
Epee Socket Screwdriver
Price: $10.12
Plastic Tang Sleeving
Price: $3.72
AA Batteries
Price: $2.48
Weapon Control Board
Price: $2,959.04
Foil Test Weight (500g)
Price: $29.81
Epee Test Weight (750g)
Price: $36.66